Operation D.O.G.

                            Launch of Operation D.O.G. (Dogs out of Greece).

We need to get these dogs out of a Greek village to safety, before they are poisoned.

Last week Safi and I visited Olympiada in Halkidiki for the third time this year. We went there to help our friend Eleni Gerna with her work feeding and taking care of the stray cats and dogs in the village.

Three dogs in particular stole our hearts. Blod was a Retriever who never left us during our visits. Creme was a playful Labrador who loved to run ahead and then return minutes later to check we were all alright. Shirley, a shy mountain dog, just wanted to feel safe and be loved.

They accompanied us wherever we went, often racing the car during the feeding rounds.

We had decided to adopt them, and plans were underway to transport them to England.

But on Saturday, July 2nd, the unthinkable happened. Blod and Creme were deliberately poisoned in broad daylight. We held them in our arms while they died, slowly and painfully.
We still cannot believe that our beloved boys are gone. It’s devastating.

A third dog, Limpy, who was mistaken for Shirley, was also poisoned that morning.


It is illegal to poison dogs in Greece. But some villagers continue to kill stray cats and dogs in this horrific way, believing them to be vermine who need to be eliminated before the tourists flock to the village.

What we witnessed has changed us forever. We cannot bring Blod, Creme or Limpy back – but we are determined to save the remaining dogs in the village.

The Sapphire Trust is not an international animal rescue organisation, but it is impossible for us to stand by and watch more village dogs die.

On 28th July a transport van with 21 spaces for dogs is leaving Olympiada for Herefordshire, where the dogs will be given shelter until they are found forever homes.

We have just over two weeks to raise £6000. It is possible, but we need all the publicity and donations we can get.

If each of our Facebook supporters donates £1 and asks nine friends to do the same, we can save the lives of these village dogs. They are friendly, loving dogs who deserve to feel safe and happy.

Please share details of Operation D.O.G. so that as many people as possible can support us.

To make a donation, please click the link below. It will take you to our just giving page. Thank you.



                      ALL THE ABOVE DOGS ARE IN DANGER